My Soul Hero

When I was an 18 year old freshman at a little Catholic college in Bismarck; I saw Michael for free. He was the epitome of an artist to me; who helped me realize how much of a passion my music is to me...and inspired me to dream of becoming the next Bill Graham promoter deluxe. A big reason I didn't is because he spoiled me and I couldn't imagine being happy enough with other musicians who would likely never measure up. I convinced my college president to fund their first ever significant concert; but he left it to me and my friends to do all we could to pre-sell the concert of this very hip folk singer to the innocent and musically unsophisticated North Dakota prairie town of great people but not experienced musical afficandos. It took every ounce of volunteer effort over a 12 month period to fill a measly 378 seats in our little auditorium; and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my entire life...all these 40 years later. After a year of doing all we could to preach the gospel of how incredibly rare Michael's spirit was to anyone who would listen; we were exhausted and excited for "the moment." After introducing him; he stopped me and told the crowd, "There IS a (cultural) oasis on the prairie...Follow this guy!" My point isn't my little compliment...It's HIS kindness and deep gratitude for each soul he touched and who touched him. I visited him a few times after and am so sad I never came back again to remind him how special he was to my soul. I know he understands. I loved him like the big brother I never had. I hope we gave him as much back. Pilot Me; Michael...and Godspeed; good man! God never made any heart like yours. Peace; Michael.