Vale Michael Johnson

Michael, you will be truly missed. You've been a constant companion for over 30 years and an inspiration to many a makeshift musician, including myself. I first met Michael working backstage at concerts at the the BAC in central MN. He was never too big to sit and chat about music, guitar, strings and technique. I remember singing along to 'Rooty Toot Toot' on the radio at the top of my as a 12 year old and haven't stopped since. I last saw Michael in 2012 at the Dakota and we chatted after the show as he was signing my CD about those days back at the BAC and how great it was that he visited every year for us to enjoy his music, wit and wisdom. He recalled those days fondly and wished me well as he had 30+ years prior. Rest in Peace Michael - you've given all of us a gift for so many years!