Growing up as a teen, 1st heard Michael in 1978, I was an instant fan. Started my radio career in 1983, The station was playing Michael's tunes. Fast forward, I move to Nashville and one night in 1993, I run into Michael as we were both eating at Brown's Diner. I invite him up to sing live and on Nov 12, 1993 he stops by. He had been on the Clint Black and Wynonna tour and was not in the mood to sing "the hits" He sang Dirty Hands and Dirty Faces, Departure before it made an album, and he sang my request "Dialogue " I am so thankful we recorded that evening.
Today at lunch we played the 27 minutes of magic that Michael brought back in 1993. We are replaying again tonight as a thank you to him for the dialogue and the music.
I have posted some pics of that night on our Facebook page WUCZ1041. Feel free to look.