The 1st 3 Albums - Masterpieces

I'm one of the many who got introduced to Michael's music in the mid 70's - before the big hits, when he played the folk clubs (often with the great Mark Henley). If he was in Chicago, me and my friends were there. Some of us were "guitarists," and we'd leave the concerts wondering "how does he do it?" The music was perfect. Never a mistake, extremely complicated arrangements where the voicing of the guitar fit his warm, expressive singing like a glove. The songs were wonderful - it was always magic. And then in 1978 the hits started coming and there was the thrill of playing Michael's songs on a jukebox, anywhere in the US (Although I usually would play the B side, like "Two in Love.")

But as much as we were happy that he was finally receiving the long-overdo recognition he deserved, those of us purists were a bit disappointed in the new style, much preferring the more folk or maybe better yet, the art-song qualities found in those first 3 albums. If you only know the MJ music from "Bluer Than Blue" and beyond, you must hear the so called "Early Albums." I hope they'll still be available on this site. I don't think they exist anywhere else and they are absolute masterpeices.

Michael, I never met you but I feel as if I knew you well. Your music was in a class all it's own. You were a musical inspiration to so many of us. May you rest in peace.

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The 1st 3 Albums - Masterpieces
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