Alison Krauss

I had been a fan of Michael Johnson since the 80s. I still have several cassettes of the music. Whenever I found one I didn't already have, I bought it without hesitation. When the song "Whenever I call you friend" came out, I had to have it because Alison was also high on my list. In 1998, Alison and Union Station performed briefly for an outdoor show at Ft. Smith. They are about 6 or 7 songs in when the clouds opened up and heavy rain fell. I jumped up onto the stage and helped get the equipment out of the rain. When we were done, Alison was right behind me. We visited a while about the different duets she had done and I told her how much I loved her duet with Michael Johnson. Her eyes lit up and she went on and on about how much fun it was to work with him.
Fast forward to sometime in 2002 when I had an opportunity to go see Michael in a small venue. I got there early and helped to carry in his CDs and such. We chatted like old friends for a while and I was able to share the story from Alison. I sat on the front row and took pictures during his concert and he later asked me to send him a copy.
I appreciate the grace and style that Michael had in talking to me... someone who had little opportunity to have any impact on him. It meant a lot to me to add him to the list of people that I highly admired and got to actually stand and talk casually with. I will spend the next few days listening to his CDs exclusively and remembering what a nice guy he was.