Michael's influence-- Vernacular Artsong

Wow. Michael had such an impact on my musical development. While singing in the St. Olaf Choir in college, I was at the same time learning all the songs on For All You Mad Musicians, playing with friends who were opening me to this new-to-me artist that was taking me beyond James Taylor and Kenny Loggins. His influence on me and my ideas about folk music are huge. He was a real artist that combined the best of folk and classical music-- Segovia student, taken with folk ideas, enriching both. He looked for the best songs from great writers for what he wanted to do, only used his own material if it was really right and good for the project. His music exemplified what I call vernacular art song. (Walk Me Round Your Garden is a great example-- can't find link, but here's one to another favorite, And I'll Always Love You: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oT0rgXNM6EI ). It's a huge loss. Go in peace, Michael. And thank you.