Another great one passes

Very sad news, indeed. I've read through all of the posts on this board and am still in disbelief. I totally agree with everyone else's comments.

I too saw him in concert many times--at least 9, as I am sitting here staring at all of the ticket stubs while listening to his cd's. The first time I saw him was as a freshman at St. Ben's in St Joseph, MN in 1975. His guitar playing and vocals were fabulous, he was funny and I left his concert thinking when can I see him again? The next time was at Northrup Auditorium at the U of M in 1976. Then came his series of "after Christmas" concerts at O'Shaunessy Auditorium at St. Kate's and Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

I then moved to Texas for about 20 years and moved back to MN in time for yet another "after Christmas" concert--this one at Hopkins Center for the Arts in 2004. At this concert, I remember standing in line for an eternity just to speak with him and to have him sign the cd I had purchased that evening. He had to have been exhausted after doing the show, but he spoke with EVERYONE and never rushed anyone along--he was such a nice down to earth guy!

The last concert I saw him at was also at Hopkins Center for the Arts in 2012. He was excited as he had recently reconnected with the daughter he never knew he had and she was there to perform with him. They did the duet "One Mile Apart" from his last cd, Moonlit Deja Vu; it was great, as usual.

I will miss his banter throughout his concerts. I remember at one of his Christmas concerts he said whenever his friends fly into Minneapolis they always inquire about the tall sound barrier fences along 494--he always told them they are the snow fences! As you can imagine, they were a bit terrified.

For anyone that has not read through all of these posts, I would encourage you to watch the youtube video posted by his friends on July 17--it is under Brent, Steve, Buzz and Gene. It is very heartwarming.

Lastly, I would just like to send my sincere condolences to Michael's family and friends. Another Minnesota treasure is gone.